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Job opportunities

Seeking a Specialist Position for an RPCV in Morocco

Job Description – Proposal and Partnership Development Specialist

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) seeks a writer to develop detailed descriptions of community initiatives that promote sustainable human development and community-level natural resource management.

The written products will take the form of:

  • Project proposals
  • Articles that advocate for the priority projects of local people
  • Letters to current and prospective partners
  • Statements regarding project sustainability, organisational capacity, monitoring and evaluation

We seek someone that finds joy and satisfaction in the craft of writing, and who is entirely dedicated to improving the lives of all people who welcome and need development assistance.

The Development Specialist will work with the HAF team in Marrakech in a collaborative and supportive manner, together fulfilling the participatory development mission of the organisation.

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV and how you can best contribute to the work of the High Atlas Foundation to haf@highatlasfoundation.org

Job Description – University Programs Liaison

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) would like to hire a person dedicated to building partnerships between HAF and universities worldwide. This will create opportunities for students globally to study and experience local development and analyze its national and international implications, as well as to experience internships that advance the change that communities seek.

The HAF is made up of practitioners and scholars of development who work alongside with its university, civil, and government partners in Morocco. The Foundation is in an excellent position to offer the global community of students a fulfilling research and applied experience in the field of sustainable development. Students will build knowledge of:

  • Global perspectives of international development and people’s participation that have guided policies and movements since WWII;
  • Morocco’s approach to development and environmental conservation and how it has drawn from global approaches; and
  • The opportunities of Moroccan communities as they help facilitate local dialogue on viable and necessary sustainable development projects, and assist the process of their implementation and evaluation.

HAF’s University Programs Liaison will create materials and communicate with Universities that seek to involve their students in international social change programs. The Liaison will ultimately help attract students to be a part of this experiential learning and development-conservation work in Morocco, instructed and managed by HAF.

We seek someone with prior experience in building international programs with universities, and who have shown clear commitment to empowering marginalized communities and strengthening natural environments.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter and a CV to haf@highatlasfoundation.org

Job Description – Gender and Development Specialist

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) has an integrated gender empowerment methodology that incorporates processes of discovery, knowledge-building of human rights, and women and girls creating cooperatives that meet familial livelihood needs and achieve financial independence for its members.  The approach incorporates approaches that are both global as well as Moroccan (legalistic and cultural) to advance women’s own analysis and activism.

The initial phase of the empowerment experience builds confidence to achieve more precisely-defined visions for future growth and instills awareness around legal re-courses to overcome situations that may hinder personal and professional progress. The methodology assists participants in identifying and creating consensus on socio-economic production activities in order to formally launch their cooperatives.

The Gender and Development Specialist will:

  • Work collaboratively with HAF’s project management team and the rural and urban communities we serve to coordinate program activities to achieve the objectives of the empowerment experience;
  • Support training of empowerment trainers with female university students and coordinate their facilitating of empowerment workshops with rural women; advance similar processes for men;
  • Provide research and evaluation assistance toward improving, measuring, and understanding the results of our applied gender empowerment approach;
  • Communicate our process for empowerment to partners and the public in the form of articles, reports, social media content, letters, and other forms of communication; and
  • Develop with HAF colleagues project concept notes and full proposals for submission to Moroccan and international government, civil, and private donors that seek to promote and facilitate gender-liberating and sustainable development experiences.

This specialist position requires skills in research and data-gathering, project management, collaborative learning, and superb writing skills in highly-formal as well as publicly-accessible formats.

For those interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter and CV to haf@highatlasfoundation.org.

Job Description – Intercultural Development Specialist

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) seeks to create a new position on its operational team in Marrakech – an Intercultural Development Specialist – who will be dedicated to advancing sustainable development projects with multicultural (including interfaith) partners.

The model for such projects of HAF and indeed that of Morocco, is to promote human development while at the same time utilising multicultural dialogue as a helpful bridge and contributor to achieving socio-economic and environmental projects, for and by Moroccan communities.

Responsibilities of the staff member include:

  • Facilitating communication among diverse cultural and religious groups that compose the dynamic social fabric of Moroccan society.
  • Applying participatory planning methods, procedures for consensus-building, and processes that lead to affirmation and acknowledgement among social and civil groups. The intention is that together, multicultural parties will create joint action plans for sustainable development projects that promote marginalised peoples’ and communities’ livelihoods, education, health, and empowerment to achieve improvements in their own lives.
  • Researching and writing concept notes, project proposals, articles that advocate policies to further expand approaches and projects implemented, letters, and other forms of communication. This is aimed at building awareness around HAF’s and Morocco’s enormous opportunities to foster social unity and shared growth for the benefit of the nation, and as a global example that could inspire other similar efforts.

The specialist will have previous success in forging enduring relationships among groups of varied ethnicities, histories, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. The specialist will have exemplary writing and public speaking skills and shave shown abilities to adapt and flourish in multicultural settings and communities.

If you are interested in this position, please send a CV and cover letter to haf@highatlasfoundation.org.