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A Unique Partnership for Youth, Farming Families and the Environment

The High Atlas Foundation has a unique partnership that launches an initiative to profoundly benefit Morocco’s youth and farming communities in the Ifrane province.  Ifrane’s Education Delegation (the provincial office of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training) and HAF signed an agreement that enables the lending of underutilized land near schools to be lent in order for communities to grow organic fruit trees and medicinal plants.  HAF has partnerships with individual schools that involve their lending of land so that farming families can meet their tree and plant needs as they transition away from traditional subsistence practices, which is at the root of systemic rural poverty. This kind of public support for farmers on a provincial level, however, is a first in the nation.

The planting season is near, and we hope we can make the greatest possible advances in our new collaboration – and to so with Moroccan student youth, with their families, public and private partners, with urban people from all walks, with you.  In this project, students build essential knowledge and skills and rural families gain organic trees and launch and agricultural value chain that strengthens their cooperatives and generates the revenue they need to build more schools, create new businesses, install clean water systems, and achieve their needs and dreams.  Read more about the project in Morocco’s Le Matin.

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