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Monthly Archives: January 2023

Tree Planting Day: Let’s plant together

By Youssef Mazdou, HAF Program Assistant Saman and Ms. Kabira plant olive trees in Ftala. Photo: HAF staff The sun was shining and there was a sense of hope and anticipation that filled the morning of Monday, January 16th. It was the third Monday of January, which is the day the High Atlas Foundation (HAF)

HAF Takes A Step in the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Region

Cheikh Akmach Site Coordinator As a young man who seeks to make a positive impact in my region, I believe in the ability of youth in preserving Moroccan natural resources, and this would be possible by empowering and accompanying them until they become responsible and visionary leaders. Since 2000, HAF’s mission has been promoting sustainable

From Hardships to Triumph: Yao Ange’s Unwavering Pursuit of Success

Ange explains his project to jury members, FSJES-USMBA in Fes, October 2022. Photo: HAF Yao Ange’s story is one of triumph and resilience. Against all odds, he has never wavered in his ambition to achieve his dreams, and through sheer determination and hard work, he is finally seeing them come to fruition. Growing up in

Innovation and Creativity in the Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab Region

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator The 2nd International Congress on Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Managerial Innovation was held on November 9th, in Dakhla, with the participation of researchers and academics from Morocco and abroad. Ph.D students specializing in entrepreneurship management participated in the  . Photo Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF Organized by the National School of Business and

Students of Yeshiva University and of Cadi Ayyad University visit a tree nursery at the Jewish cemetery in Akrich together

By Youssef Mazdou, HAF Program Assistant Students visit the nursery in Akrich On January 13th, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) organized a trip for Jewish Yeshiva University students from New York City and Muslim students from the Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech to

An Entrepreneurial Success

By Abdellah Laaboudi, Legal aid assistant Nezha is mentored on Digital Marketing aspects and is learning the commercialization process, October 2022. Photo taken by HAF Nezha, a young Moroccan woman hailing from the mountainous regions of Taounate, has overcome numerous struggles to reach the success she enjoys today. She has always believed that the reality

The High Atlas Foundation: A Living Instance of Multiculturalism for Sustainable Development

Dr. Afaf HAMZAOUI Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ibn Zohr University On the 9th of December, 2022, I visited the High Atlas Foundation (HAF). It was my first visit to the Foundation. I have never forgotten that day. Before I went to the Foundation, I was all the time thinking about the building, the

A Student Leader Success Story

By: Hasnae El Karfa Hasnae provides pro bono legal assistance at an outreach event in Sefrou for cooperative members, April 2022. Photo: HAF “The legal clinic has made a great difference in my life, contributed to my growth, and made me what I am today, which I was not before the program.” We have now

في إقليم تارودانت .ODECOمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير مع

من إعداد: يوسف الطاهري، مدير مشروع حطت مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير مرة أخرى الرحال بقرية تفركي، جماعة أدار إقليم تارودانت يوم 29 يناير 2022، بتمثيل من يوسف الطاهري المنسق الجهوي لبرنامج غرس الأشجار وبتنسيق مع مكتب تنمية التعاون أكادير  التي مثلها السيد عزيز النويني، والحدث هو  تنظيم ورشة تكوينية تخص إنشاء تعاونية  لفائدة الساكنة المحلية هناك.

Planting Day of January 16

by Larbi Didouqen The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) makes the third Monday of January a national meeting point for planting trees and the official opening of the tree crop campaign. During this commemorative day, all HAF staff in collaboration with partners and volunteers dedicate themselves to planting trees in school spaces, agricultural and forestry grounds,

Ali Jaouhar: An Inspiring Success Story of a Young Entrepreneur

Ali Jaouhar is a 42-year-old personal development coach, a graduate in Energetic Massage Therapy, and Founder of the 17th Sense Wellness Center. Ali explains the progress of his project to the jury members – FSJES- USMBA in Fez – October 2022 His story is a fantastic illustration of hope and tenacity. He is an inspiring

Digital Marketing at the Tmount N’tourit cooperative

By Hassan Ahmatay, HAF intern Women of the Tamount N’tourit Cooperative with the F2F team, Mzouda Photo credit: H. Ahmatay “Marketing is very important for the cooperative, right? So what do you think about the importance of digital marketing for you as a cooperative specializing in couscous production?” – This was one of the questions

Tree Planting Day 2023: Standing Together, Growing Together

Ellen Hernandez HAF volunteer writer The HAF Family Literacy team plants trees with an artisanal women’s cooperative in Rhamna province on the organization’s Annual Tree Planting Day, January 16, 2023. Photo: High Atlas Foundation Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” – Dr. M. L. King, Jr. From Al

High Atlas Foundation Plants Thousands of Trees with Moroccan Communities for Annual Tree Planting Day on January 16

النسخة العربية Version française Press Release MEDIA CONTACT: Safae Ben Karroum Program Coordinator, Tree Planting Tel. +212 (0) 62 550 4527 safaebenkarroum@highatlasfoundation.org High Atlas Foundation Plants Thousands of Trees with Moroccan Communities for Annual Tree Planting Day on January 16 Marrakech, Morocco – The High Atlas Foundation (HAF), a non-profit organization based in Marrakech and

Community Tree Planting in Aghbalou

By Rachel Bartkowski, HAF intern January 16th marked HAF’s Annual Tree Planting Day, with thousands of trees being planted in a variety of different sites in Moroccan communities. As a new volunteer at HAF, such a hands-on day in the field made for a very exciting first day. It was an honor to be able

Soufiane: A Student Clinician Success Story

“Joining the legal clinic was the best decision I made in 2022. It has greatly contributed to my academic and professional growth.” Soufiane participates in a moot court competition to defend a victim of human trafficking, February 2022. Photo: HAF Soufiane is now a 26-year-old legal clinician trainee with a master’s degree in business law.

Communities’ Preservation of Cultural Memories Builds Decentralized Societies

– Communities’ preservation of cultural memories builds decentralized societies, Atalayar. By Yossef Ben-Meir Marrakech, Morocco Rachida, a certified empowerment trainer, guides a group of women from a rural village in the Taroudant province of Morocco through the discovery of self and identity, August 2022. Photo: HAF Local communities sharing and preserving their cultural heritage builds

Participatory Governance in Dakhla’s Bir Gandouz Municipality

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator, Dakhla-Oued-Ed-Dahab region Communication meeting with local CSOs in Bir Gandouz Commune. Photo credit: Hajiba Boumasmar/HAF Our team took the road across the vast desert to get in touch with the people of the Bir Gandouz municipality. The long road, the immense desert plains, the incomprehensible geological formations shook me to

Participatory Governance in Dakhla

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator, Dakhla-Oued-Ed-Dahab region At the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) office in Dakhla, December 13th marked the official start of the Implementation of the participatory governance program. Our collaborators from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) were present to see us in live action hosting a gathering of local civil society organizations

Les résultats de projet d’Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi en 2022

Amina El Hajjami, Directrice de projet Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi Souad El Khadir, Coordinateur de terrain La Fondation du Haut Atlas avec l’Union européenne a obtenu d’excellents résultats au cours de l’année 2022 concernant le projet « Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi», Ci-dessous les résultats obtenus. Résultats 1 : Réunion communautaire Le classement par matrice des priorités est

Les femmes sont des graines pour investir dans la génération future Le projet d’Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi en 2022

Amina El Hajjami, Directrice de projet Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi Le projet « Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi» est un programme réalisé par la Fondation du Haut Atlas et financé par l’Union Européenne,  sur une durée de deux ans, avec 400 femmes et les jeunes filles en milieu rural dans la région de Marrakech-Safi (Maroc), pour atteindre

عطر الخزامى!

زينب لعظم متطوعة سابقة، ومسؤولة ميدانية بمشروع من فلاح الى فلاح .ومدربة ببرنامج التمكين الذاتي للمرأة بمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير  نساء التعاونية الفلاحية ”أجديد أوشريك” أثناء ورشة التمكين الذاتي للمرأة بالحسيمة في رحلة معرفة أنفسنا قد يكون الأمان بالنسبة لنا مجرد تحقيق ذلك السلام الداخلي ومحاولة إخماد نار الصراع القائم في هذه النفس، وإن كنا لا