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Daily Archives: August 4, 2022

Sharing Across Languages: A Reflection of Dialogue between UCA and HAF

By Grace Gray, HAF-UVa student intern Rabia, Amit, Kaoutar, Grace. For the first few minutes of our conversation with law students from University Cadi Ayyad this June, these were the only words our group collectively understood: our names. I latched onto each one like an island amidst churning seas of less-understood Darija and English supplemented

Moroccan Doors: A History of Humility and Heritage

Lede: In Morocco, most doors shed light on the country’s past and present. By Sabine Stratmann, HAF-UVA volunteer A door in Chefchaouen, Morocco. Photo: Sabine Stratmann/HAF Gazing at doors in Morocco is like time-traveling into the depths of Moroccan history. In medinas as well as the newer areas of the cities, both modern and centuries-old

Monitoring in Bouaarfa

By Abdelilah Ghmiza, YCC tree monitoring officer The City of Bouarfa, located in the Figuig province in the southeast of Morocco, became an important area when manganese was discovered there at the start of French colonization. The local people there, who come from the Bani Eguil tribe, began planting cumin in November and harvesting it