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Daily Archives: August 2, 2022

Cut, Fit, Stitch: From Ourika to the OR

By Cyrena Matingou We spent two days this week in the mountains of Ourika Valley on vast plots of land. On Tuesday, we were more engaged with the tree planting team, and I genuinely felt I was helping further HAF’s mission, but Monday presented me with an invaluable learning experience. Abdeljalil Ait Ali introduced us

Morocco: Religion, Women, And Police – OpEd

– Morocco: Religion, Women, And Police – OpEd, Eurasia Review. By Sabine Stratmann The acronym ‘ACAB’ spraypainted on a wall in Marrakech, Morocco (Photo supplied) Distrust in police institutions is an international phenomenon. Walking among the streets of Morocco, one may notice the occasional wall with the word ‘ACAB’, an acronym standing for ‘All Cops Are

Don’t Make Metaphors of Tree Grafting

A lesson from the farmers and trees of the al-Haouz province By Livie Nute, HAF-UVa student volunteer Grafted Carob Sapling, Photo by Livie Nute Never before had I sat with a branch in my hand and thought about what it means to sit with a branch in my hand. I tend to address branches with