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Daily Archives: July 29, 2022

Intercultural Identity Mapping: Identity Workshop with the University of Cadi Ayyad and University of Virginia

By Addie Simkin, HAF-UVa student intern On Monday morning, June 6, the High Atlas Foundation’s office was crowded with young people. Law students from the University Cadi Ayyad who work with the HAF’s legal aid clinic arrived to participate in an identity mapping workshop with the UVA interns. HAF’s Ikbale Bouziane facilitated our dialogue and

Water Infrastructure in Rural Schools

By Susana Fernandez On day two of our visit to Tiznit, the first stop was a school in a rural community that desired funding to improve its water infrastructure. The school has been working on improving the conditions of the school, with having new buildings and creating an agricultural presence on its school grounds. During