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Daily Archives: July 25, 2022

Grafting: From Farm to Table

Addie Simkin HAF-UVA Intern On Monday I made couscous. That morning, we traveled to a HAF tree planting site to learn about grafting. Abdelilah taught us that grafting is important to the carob trees he supervises because when grafting, the farmer can select for the best flavor and the trees produce fruit years faster than

Unanswered Questions are an Inevitable Facet of Life

Zoe Costello HAF-UVA Intern While roaming through the winding hilly streets of the Tangier Kasbah, I made a friend. He was laying in front of a shop front as we walked by, with ribs protruding and matted dirty fur. The merchant shooed him away; sickly strays are bad for business. We all stopped to look