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Monthly Archives: March 2022

F2F follow-up meeting with Konouz Lakdirate Cooperative in Youssoufia Province

By Ibtissam Niri, F2F M&E and gender  Women are discussing their future agenda and their needs to achieve it Photo Credit: Ibtissam Niri On the 25th of February, the Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team visited Konouz Lakdirate cooperative in Douar Lakdirate, Jnane Bih, Youssoufia province. Konouz Lakdirate cooperative was established after doing a full four

F2F Meeting with the Agri-food Engineer in the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture (DPA)

By Zineb Laadam, Field Officer On February 17th, the Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team members brought together Ms. Zakia, President of Doutmaquite cooperative, in Ourika valley, and Ms. Zineb, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture (DPA) agri-food engineer in Marrakech, in order to discuss ways to help this women’s coop with which the F2F program works

Updates from 3éme Millénaire Cooperative in Rehamna Province

By Houria Chouhab, F2F field assistant The Farmer-To-Farmer team meets the president of La Troisième Millénaire Co-op in Rehamna Province. In the fourth week of February, the Farmer to Farmer team member paid a visit to the 3éme Millénaire Agricultural Cooperative which takes place in Douar Kriziza, Bourous Rural Commune, Rehamna Province.  The 3éme Millénaire

Ibn Khaldoun, the Memory of Ouijjane

By Omaima Khalil El Fanne, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Students of Ibn Khaldoun primary school are planting olive trees. Photo taken 28 February,2022 by Omaima Khalil ELFANNE. Ibn Khaldoun isan army base that was restored in 1953 as an agricultural school by Mrs. Morice and her husband, a French couple. They made a school there, rehabilitated

Participatory Approach with women of Achbarou Cooperative

Souad El Khadiri, Coordinatrice de Terrain, (Field Coordinator) du Programme de projet de l’UE dans la région de Marrakech-Safi Dans le cadre du programme d’alphabétisation familiale à Marrakech-Safi, financé par l’Union européenne, une réunion communautaire s’est tenue le 04 Février 2022 par l’équipe de la Fondation du Haut Atlas avec les femmes de la coopérative

A woman’s success

By Howard Sattler, Psychotherapist and HAF Volunteer Photo: Google Images As a psychotherapist, I have heard many stories from a diverse group of both men and women.  An ongoing challenge for women in the United States is trying to work in areas that have historically been dominated by men. Breaking through this system is challenging and

My Daughter: The Woman I Most Admire

By Ellen Hernandez, HAF Writer/Editor In anticipation of International Women’s Day, I have thought about the women I admire. Of course, there are the famous figures in history and current affairs who are respected throughout the world. There are the strong and accomplished women in my family, such as my own mother, my sister, my

International Women’s Day 2022

By Jackson Coldiron, HAF Volunteer On March 8th, 2022, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. First initiated in 1911, IWD was eventually adopted by the United Nations in 1977 as a mainstream global holiday. Today, the day highlights the cultural, economic, social and political achievements of women across the world. The day also aims to

Family Literacy Meeting in Ouaouizert

By Ilham Safi and Bouchra Zine,  Family Literacy in Beni Mellal-Khenifra Team Women of Ouaouizeght village explore ideas for starting a cooperative Photo credit: HAF team On 3 February 2022, two members of the Family Literacy Program team in Beni Mellal-Khenifra region went to Ouaouizert village (Azilal province) in order to have a community meeting

Talat N’Yaaqoub, Al Haouz Province

By Houria Chouhab, F2F field assistant The Farmer-To-Farmer team meets a group of women in Talat N’Yaaqoub Commune, Al Haouz Province. On February 16th, the Farmer-to-Farmer team met with a group of women in El Bour Village, Talat N’Yaaqoub commune, Al Haouz Province. The purpose of this meeting was to collect data from this group

Field visit to Oulad Ali Louad Cooperative

By Ilham Safi, Family Literacy Assistant Program Manager The Family Literacy team in Beni Mellal-Khenifra held a community meeting with the very welcoming members and beneficiaries of the Akhawat El Kharouba cooperative, El Bradia municipality, Fkih Ben Saleh province. There was a good reception and listening. They also liked the program, especially the opportunity for

Tinfidin Community Meeting

By Bouchra Zine Family Literacy Field Officer A recent field visit took place in Tinfidin village, Iseksi commune, Azilal province. The Family Literacy team in Beni Mellal-Khenifra had a community meeting with a group of local villagers. They were very welcoming. At the beginning, the women were so afraid and shy, and they hesitated to

Community Meetings in the Khenifra Region

By Bouchra Zine Family Literacy Program Field Officer A member of the Femmes Bouleft cooperative demonstrates woven carpets Photo: HAF team On 8 February 2022, two members of the Family Literacy Program team in Beni Mellal- Khenifra went to Boutghediwt village, Sidi Yahya ou’Saad commune, Khenifra region, in order to meet two co-ops of women

Data Collection from El Gouassim Village

By Zineb Laadam, Field Officer Farmer-to-Farmer team in the data collection sessions, (Photo credit: F2F team, 2021) On February 11th, HAF’s  Farmer-to-Farmer team visited the village of  El Gouassim in the Jbilat commune of Rhamna province (Marrakech-Safi region). As one local woman was quoted as saying about the people who live in El Gouassim, “We

Updates: Sidi Abdallah, Skhour Rhamna province

By Houria Chouhab, F2F field assistant The Farmer-To-Farmer team meets the president of OMNIA IHLANE Co-op in Skhour Rhamna. On February 2nd, the Farmer to Farmer team met with the president of OMNIA IHLANE Co-operative and the director of the National Office of the Agricultural Council (ONCA). The purpose of this meeting was to collect

The Forum of Culture and Dialogue in its first edition was titled: “Moroccan Culture and The Radiance of Pluralistic Values”

By Ikbale Bouziane HAF-Dakira Cultural Coordinator Moroccan Jewish people’s material and moral conditions and cultural identity are important as a subject of study at this time given the significant role that Moroccan Jewish heritage plays in the tributaries that form the Moroccan identity. According to today’s successful cultural development options, the Jewish dimension in Morocco’s

Storytelling and Connection

By: Henry Prillaman, HAF-UVa Intern Dr. Ben-Meir teaches a class from the fruit tree nursery in Imerdal, which overlooks the burial site of Moroccan Jewish saint Rabbi David-ou-Moche. July 2021. Photo: HAF In our Global Development in Morocco class with Dr. Ben-Meir, we discussed the need for storytelling and experiencing genuine emotion in both the

The High Atlas Foundation is essential for the advancement of cooperatives

By Youssef Sikou, HAF Volunteer The basis for the success and rebirth of nations lies in facilitating the means of development as much as possible and preparing the conditions for all who seek success. In order to activate the territorial activities of the organization affiliated with the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), and in accordance with

Al Makhzan coopérative

By Majda Stitou, Assistante de programme de projet d’UE dans la région de Marrakech Safi L’atelier d’autonomisation IMAGINE effectué par la Fondation du Haut Atlas dans le cadre du projet ”Alphabétisation Familiale à Marrakech-Safi” a fait participer des femmes et de jeunes filles à une formation de 4 jours sur la découverte de soi, en

The Tassa Ouirgane fruit nursery of the Takherkhourt women’s cooperative

Hajiba Boumasmar HAF Program Coordinator (Youth Conservation Corps) Farmer-to-Farmer Expert-Volunteers with Takherkhourt cooperative members at the tree nursery. (Photo by HAF, December 2021) In the Tassa Ouirgane village (located in the Ouirgane municipality of the Al Haouz province), the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) assisted the local women;s group in building an organic fruit trees to benefit

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