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Daily Archives: December 23, 2021

Amizmiz Update

By Zineb Laadam The Farmer-To-Farmer (F2F) team went to Amizmiz in order to meet two agricultural cooperatives to identify their needs, priorities and challenges. The two host organizations are Zaouia and Tigudelt cooperatives. Zaouia is an agricultural entity that aims to contribute to the development of the olive oil sector and strengthen its role in

Identity Discovery: Who Are You?

By Amal Mansouri, Cultural Field Coordinator IMAGINE workshop in El Menzel, 2021. Photo: Zineb Mallouki/HAF The answer to the questions who you are, or what you identify as is more complicated than it seems to be. So many people would respond to this question in a different way referring to different characteristics, such as: gender,

Awareness workshop on Tree planting and its importance in human life.

Lahcen Ben Moula, Tree Monitoring Officer (YCC) Today, Wednesday, December 23, 2021, the High Atlas Foundation, in coordination with the educational frameworks of the High School of the Alternative Education in the city of Oujda, organized an applied sensitivity workshop on planting trees and their importance in human life. The awareness-raising workshop was framed in

Visiting the Jewish Past of Morocco

by Noah C. Kohlmayer – HAF Volunteer On Tuesday, December 7, my two fellow Austrian volunteers and I had the opportunity to join Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir for the last class he taught for the University of Virginia at the Jewish cemetery in the Mellah of Marrakech. Now, what is a Mellah?  In Marrakech, the Mellah