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Daily Archives: December 6, 2021

Webinar on “Reclaiming Identity: Jews of Arab Lands and Iran share stories of Identity, Struggle and Redemption”

By Soukaina Kherdioui On November 30, 2021, the American Sephardi Federation’s (ASF) Institute of Jewish Experience launched their campaign “Reclaiming Identity” by hosting a webinar during which the Jewish people of Arab lands and Iran shared their stories of identity, struggle, and redemption. The webinar specifically acknowledged the rich Jewish heritage that was lost across

Land & Carbon Lab

Timo Reinitzer With our world’s population constantly growing and the scarcity of land rising, this is and will come at the cost of our world’s forests. Moreover, regarding the current alarming prognosis of climatologists, predicting a minimum of a 1.5°C rise in temperature by 2030, we are in desperate need of more reforestation through tree-planting