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Daily Archives: January 28, 2020

التشجير أولوية الجميع

يوم وطني نظمته مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير بقلم محمد القادري متدرب مع مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير تحتفل مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير في كل سنة بيوم وطني تسعى من خلاله الى غرس العديد من الاشجار بجل مناطق المغرب لخلق الشعور بالارتباط وتعزيز بناء الشراكات ولما لهذه المبادرة ايضا من اهمية كبيرة سواء من خلال التشجيع على ثقافة التشجيرأو على

“Plant a Tree Even If It’s the Day of Resurrection” Said the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be upon Him).

By Errachid Montassir Project Manager Every third Monday of January is the High Atlas Foundation’s annual event “Tree Planting Day.” On this date, all staff members and volunteers come together and plant organic fruit trees across nearly a dozen regions in Morocco. My site this year was the Sbaiaat municipality in El youssoufia province, where

Reflecting on a Day of Planting

By Nic Pantelick HAF Volunteer My Tree Planting Day began with a rain-soaked Marrakech morning. For the first time since I had arrived in Morocco, I felt the chill of winter cutting through me. This biting cold wormed its way past my meager layers and rested an icy hand on the back of my neck.

Journee Nationale De Plantation D’arbres Province D’al Haouz, Asni, Le 20 Janvier 2020

By Imane Akhezzane HAF Project Manager A l’occasion de la journée nationale de plantation d’arbres qu’organise la fondation du Haut Atlas (HAF) chaque année, j’ai eu la chance de  visiter le lycée d’Asni, le collège, dar Talib, Dar Taliba et Dar Alfatat pour planter 100 arbres amandiers, et grenadiers. Des membres de la direction des

Let’s Make It Green on January 20th: High Atlas Foundation Will Plant Thousands of Trees

– Let’s make it green on January 20th: High Atlas Foundation will Plant Thousands of Trees, The Policy Times, 18 January 2020. MARRAKECH, Morocco – Jan. 10, 2020 – As the new year begins, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) would like to invite Moroccan communities to aid in the planting of thousands of trees on Monday,

A Life for Future Generations: Planting in a Nursery

HAF Intern After our team had a traditional breakfast in the town of Asni, we needed to go further into the atlas to help the greenhouse nurseries expand. Our first destination was a nursery in Imigdal. They had one greenhouse and a few terraces. There were approximately 30,000 fruit trees, with a variety of food

Bonjour, Je M’appelle Giovane, Je Suis Brésilien Et Je Suis Un Voluntaire À La Fondation Du Haut Atlas En Janvier.

Le Jeudi 9 janvier 2020, j’étais très heureux de pouvoir assister à un atelier au lycée de Touama, j’ai pu voir des différences culturelles illustrées par  les opinions des jeunes du Maroc et du Brésil et la plus remarquable est la conscience de la nécessité de protéger l’environnement. Le Brésil est responsable de la garde

Field Trips to Al Haouz and Rhamna

Errachid Montassir HAF Project Manager Recently, the High Atlas Foundation and Kids International Dental Services organization (KIDS) came together to help advance rural children’s health care. KIDS’ leader Alison Blue and I visited Anamer and Ait Lkak villages in Oukaimdan (Al Houz) and Bouchan (Rhamna). We were there to arrange and prepare for an upcoming

So Much Depends upon a Tree

Prof. Ellen Hernandez HAF Volunteer On a sunny, winter morning, our team leaves the HAF office for Al Haouz province. Today, we will visit two nurseries with an American business expert – a USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer – who will devise a plan for each cooperative to help improve productivity. Our team includes our driver, the

Planning for Planting Day

By Professor Ellen Hernandez HAF Volunteer The High Atlas Foundation’s office in Marrakech is a beehive of activity. I am a new volunteer who arrived in Morocco yesterday and already met with office staff. Today, I have been invited to return to meet Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, the HAF president, and I have just entered during

Growing Hope in Touama Village

Nic Pantelick HAF Volunteer Yesterday, I traded the sprawling city of Marrakech for the rolling foothills and winding roads of the Moroccan countryside. Watching this buzzing metropolis retreat through the back window of the car we rode in, I was filled with excitement. After an hour of driving and stop for lunch, we arrived at

Strategic Planning Training Summary

Karam-Yane Azzabi, Tahannaout HAF Financial Manager From 25 to 27 November 2019, in Tahannaout (Al Haouz province, Morocco), several public sector actors local association representatives participated in a strategic planning training session along with High Atlas Foundation (HAF) members Amina El Hajjami (Project Director) and Karam-Yane Azzabi (Financial Manager). This event was sponsored by Morocco’s