High Atlas Foundation and MEPI in Oujda



On February 20, in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative, HAF in Oujda conducted the first capacity-building workshop in the training room of Midar Agricultural Training Center located in the city of Midar, in the province of Driouch. This session knew presence of 19 participants men and women representing ten cooperatives from different areas of Driouch operating in different activities (cooking, livestock breeding, sewing, and bee keeping).

The first training module focused on Economic and legal rights as per Moroccan law. For four days, the participants benefit from training in three other modules namely, “Communication skills, marketing andnegotiations”, “Entrepreneurship concept and keeping finances” and “Hygiene, safety and sustainable development”.

All the participants in this group were impressed by the quality and innovation of this training. The training comes to fill in the gaps they have in all aspects related to governance, marketing, negotiation, communication, safety, environment, hygiene, labeling and branding and certification of products.



On February 21st, the conference room of the Proximity Center located in the city of Berkane accommodated the first training session for 23 participants men and women representing twelve cooperatives from different areas of the province of Berkane and operating in different activities (bee keeping, almond production, carpentry, baking and cooking, and livestock breeding).  The first training module focused on the same topic areas.  All the participants asked gave the impression that this training is interesting and relevant in a way that it gave the opportunity to gain detailed and practical knowledge to help them to do better in their respective cooperatives.



On February 22nd, the first training session took place in the conference room of ANAPEC facilities located in the city of Jérada for 17 participants men and women representing ten cooperatives from different areas of the province of Jérada operating in different activities (carpentry, weaving, couscous production and cooking, livestock breeding, artifacts, bee keeping).



Mr Abdelghani Jeffali from the Commune of Gafait, Jérada and member of the cooperative AlIkhoua giving his impressions about the first session of the training and expressing his thanks to all the parties involved in the organization of this training. His cooperative specializes in bee keeping and honey production. He determined to get full profit of this opportunity.



A group photo of Jérada team taken on February 25th at the end of the four days of the first session.


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