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Errachid Montassir

HAF’s Project Manager




A major epic was the group Iftar (the break of the Ramadan fast) at the Beth-El

Synagogue in Gueliz, Marrakech, with Moroccan Muslims and Moroccan Jews,

constituting together an ancient community. There were about 250,000 to

350,000 Jews in the country after World War II, which gave Morocco the largest

Jewish community in the Muslim world.  However, fewer than 2,500 remain.


Moroccan Muslims and Jews are communities existing side by side in harmony

and friendship. They lived in similar houses, led similar social lives, attended the

same schools, worked at the same jobs and spent great times together as friends.


On the 18th of June 2017, the Hight Atlas Foundation was invited by the

president of the Jewish community of the Marrakech-Safi region, Mr. Jacky

Kadoch, to a group Iftar at the Synagogue.


In addition to the Wali of Marrakech-Safi (the highest regional government

official), the Association Mimouna, Eckstein Family Foundation, International

Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and a delegation from the Ministry of Islamic

Affairs were also in attendance. There were many important guests, totaling

about 70 people.


At 19:30 it started - the smells of the beautiful foods and rituals in a wonderful

open area in the Synagogue, with a good band of traditional Moroccan musicians.


Six tables consisted of the Moroccan Muslims and Jews talking with each other,

with beautiful smiles stemming from their hearts.


After we broke our fasts with a tasty meal, we went to pray Elmaghreb.  It was

the first time I prayed in a Synagogue, and that was very emotional for me.


Mr. Jacky Kadoch welcomed all the attendees as he talked about the good

relations between Muslims and Jews and what our ancestors brought to us -

coexistence and unity.  He spoke of the efforts of the High Atlas Foundation and

what we have done in the historic Mellah neighborhood during this holy month,

facilitating participatory meetings with the local people as they identified their

most serious development needs.


Mr. Kadoch introduced Mr. Balon who also welcomed the guests and he spoke

about his story when he left Morocco at three years old, and he has come back

trying to preserve the Jewish-Moroccan heritage.


On behalf of Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, the president of the High Atlas Foundation,

Mr. Kadoch came to talk about him and what he has done since 1993 until now in Kingdom of Morocco.


The wali also expressed his pleasure to be in that group Iftar among the active

organizations, as he appreciated all their efforts for good relationships between

Muslims and Jews.  He congratulated HAF and Association Mimouna on the

wonderful work they have done with the Mellah residents, providing Iftar and

helping to find out their important project goals.


The event ended with perfect Moroccan traditional music in that lovely place with all the kind people.


Jews or Muslims, we are Moroccan and we are sharing our culture, living in peace with a clear unity.





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