A Better Today and Tomorrow: Women Around Me Creating Change

By Chayma Ouled Sidi Aissa

HAF Volunteer


The role of women in our society is determining more openly the course of social change in communities. A woman plays a variety of essential roles in our society from her birth until the end of life. While women have profound, vital-to-life responsibilities, they also face greater problems than men.

Moroccan modern society has started to understand the individual identities of women. She has her aspirations, abilities, and qualities just like men. Also now better understood is that she should have the opportunities to develop her abilities and to express them according to her own choice. We have to empower young girls and support them to create their own destiny because the world cannot grow at all well unless women come forward and take initiatives for sustainable development.

During the period that I spent with High Atlas Foundation, I found that women are involved in social organizations and are developing abilities for leading a life of outward and direct social involvement. Their interests in social and cultural activities are on the clear rise. They have growing interest in travel, literary activities and new enterprises - especially women from rural areas.


The High Atlas Foundation assists women from rural areas to engage in social activities and work for the improvement of society.  The empowerment workshops that HAF staff members Fatima Zahra Laaribi, Ibtissam Niri, Hana Ezaoui and Amina El Hajjami have conducted show how deeply they and the participants have taken this to heart.

Every month these amazing women put together workshops that strengthen women in pathways to transform their beliefs and behaviors that are holding them back from their potential.  This involves directing their creative energies toward achieving what they really want in their own lives - from healthier bodies to better relationships, from material successes to richer spiritual lives. It takes courage to dream, and knowledge to bring their dreams into reality.

Women at HAF are inspiring because they devote their time to other women, teaching them participatory planning approaches, organic farming, team building, and how to make natural dyes for wool. This helps women by establishing their leadership, their personality, imposing their presence, creating independence, and stimulating personal and professional decisions.

I’m so proud and happy to be part of the HAF family.

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