Bernard Mejean’s Scholarship Fund


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Immediate goal

Each year, HAF will directly engage 15 young women with mentorship, tutoring, and educational support. An additional 50 students will benefit from the distribution of school supplies. This project is currently active in rural schools in the Taza Province. Donate to expand this educational support program to 10 new schools over the next two years!

Female youth in Morocco lack educational opportunities and the resources to pursue high school and higher education. Economic pressures and sociocultural attitudes prevent many young women from getting their high school degrees: the time-consuming burden of household chores falls primarily on young females. In addition, in rural areas schools are often far from home and families do not have the economic resources to pay for transportation. To sum up, it is young women who are most often denied the right to education.

The Solution
The Bernard Mejean Scholarship for Girls' Education provides economic support to enable young Moroccan females to pursue high school and higher education. This scholarship fund provides tuition costs for one student to attend Lycée Descartes annually, and contributes to the costs of books, school supplies and further course instruction for many driven female youth. Remaining funds will alleviate the financial burden of travel and enrolling in high schools or universities far from the students' homes.

The Bernard Mejean Scholarship Fund for Girls' Education was created in Bernard's momory, who was born and raised in Morocco and continued his studies in the United States. Bernard is remembered by his generosity and his many contributions to his community. Bernard's brother, Bruno, has already contributed $20,000 to this cause, benefiting over 100 girls.

Make a change
Encouraging female education will help combat the sociocultural norms that minimize the role of women in schools, the workplace, and the community. Many young females have the ambition to continue their studies but are not given support by their families or communities to pursue these dreams. It provides young women with the financial support to continue their education, empowers future female leaders, and promotes the fundamental all-importance of education.

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